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Sunday, March 14, 2010

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bunny Makes Oven Dried Tomatoes - part 2

My 2nd attempt at making oven dried tomatoes took longer than expected. My 1st time here took 5 hours...whilst this round took me almost 9 hours simply because I forgot to de-seed the tomatoes..grrrr...

Local Roma Tomatoes at RM1.99 for 4pcs from Jaya Jusco 1 Utama that has been cut into wedges and some in slices but I forgot to de-seed the wedges! There is approximately 1.5kgs here

The ingredients to marinate the tomatoes. Please REMEMBER to de-seed them first!

Lay them in a single layer on lined baking pans...dash some more olive oil over them....

Place them in pre-heated oven of 200 degrees Fahrenheight

After 3 hours, they begin to shrivel up...look my sliced ones are almost I know that slices take shorter time to dry...

The slices were done after 4 hours but the wedges took 8 hours!

U can be hardwork and start peeling the skin off the wedges whilst they are still warm or be lazy like me and just left them be. Peeling the skin off does taste better as the tomatoes will be easier to eat and more juicy...whereas I leave them on just to increase more fibre in my diet... After the slices and wedges have cooled down, fill them up in glass jars. Make sure your glass jars are clean and dry. This round yielded close to 900 grams of dried tomatoes.

Once filled up, you can pour in any oil you wish to preserve the tomatoes. You can leave them as they are if you want but u will have to store them in ziplock bags in the freezer. Do not leave them in room temperature in Malaysia as there are no preservatives added to the tomatoes and they will grow mouldy as our weather is hot and humid. I used the rest of my extra virgin olive oil to soak these tomatoes in. You can leave the jars in room temperature BUT you must REMEMBER to use clean utensils to scoop the tomatoes or oil out each time to avoid contamination.

As I made so much this round, I am forecasting that these will last me till May. Hope you will try making these yummy beauties on your own. At least now I don't have to pay RM12.90 to RM15.90 per 100 grams outside to get my fix.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Bunny Eats @ Din Tai Fung, Pavilion

Hunny and I went for a charity fashion show last Sunday at JW Marriott Hotel organized by SIFE_UNMC. If you are looking for cheap parking at Bukit Bintang area, do park at Starhill Gallery at RM5/entry. Do not park at Pavilion unless you are swimming in pools of rates there are hourly.

We went to watch Book Of Eli starring Denzel Washington. We sat Twin Seats but I don't like Pavilion's Twinseats as the next door seats are placed too close to each other and got no place to put our shopping's like economy twinseats there....other GSCs like 1U, MV, Tropicana gives ample space in between twinseats for more privacy and roomy feel. Stupid Pavilion seats were also much more expensive! The movie was so-so only..I was surprised the censorship board didn't censor most of the show...violence, f**k words, etc.

After the movie, we decided to eat at Din Tai Fung which took over I think Dainti Hill Restaurant. Hunny and I were hankering for their ultra-licious creamy century egg yolk. We ordered 2 eggs at RM3.90, 1 each for both of us.

Then as we just wanted to fill our tummies a little, we ordered a Prawn Fried Rice at RM14.90 to share. The rice was eggy, fluffy and separate. I found it a lil too oily but Hunny said it was just done right for him.

No visit to Din Tai Fung is complete without a serving of steamed dumplings. We ordered 6 pcs of Pork and Prawn dumplings. They were delicious eaten on their own without the usual vinegar and ginger shreds...the sweetness of the prawns balanced out the gamey-ness of the pork. Hunny made a good choice. Yummy!

Hunny loves deep fried stuff and ordered a Prawn and Pork Deep Fried Dumpling but the taste wasn't as good as the delicious steamed ones.

I can't wait to go to Din Tai Fung next round...just to tabao theor yummy century eggs....nomnomnom :)

p/s : All photos taken by Hunny


Monday, February 1, 2010

Bunny Eats In Malacca

We were walking down the streets surrounding Jonker Street and we were getting hotter and hotter. Hence, Hunny suggested we go drink cool desserts at a dessert shop near the beaded shoes shop. So here we are enjoying cool desserts.

Uncle Keong's Fresh Fruit & Bird's Nest Dessert Shop

I had that RM6 cold dessert of Lily Bulb, Red Dates, Lotus Seed with White Fungus Sweet Soup Dessert. So refreshing and cooling n not too sweet.

We had lunch at Donald & Lily. I was so surprised we managed to find seats so quickly.

My cendol...disappointed that it was lacking the gula melaka...see...still so white after stirring...

We ordered rice to go with these dishes.

Ayam Pong Teh...the sauce was delicious but was so disappointed when eating the chicken as the sauce wasn't infused into the chicken and the chicken was rather tough...same with the potatos...maybe smaller pieces would have absorbed a little of the flavorsome seemed as though the chicken, dried mushroom n potatoes were cooked separately...*disappointed*

The Asam Fish was delicious with just enough sourness well balanced with sweetness and a tinge of spiciness. But best eaten hot...

A side order of rojak...Hunny didn't enjoy it but maybe it's the Malaccan style of rojak sauce.

After a disappointing lunch at Donald and Lily's, we adjourned to Nadefe Cafe at Melaka Raya for some comforting cake. Hunny had the cake and coffee special whilst i shared that slice with an order of Iced Tropical Tea. The Original Mille Crepe was RM8.50 and the long black that came with it was only RM3.00. My Iced Tea cost me RM5.90.

We bought a whole Strawberry Mille Crepe cake back to KL. It was delicious. I had a slice just now, the sourness of the Strawberry jam offset the sweetness and richness of the cake.

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Bunny's Window Shopping @ Jonker's Street

Sigh...being jobless means cash is tight means Bunny cannot indulge in my favourite past time. I wonder why my Hunny no volunteer to buy me those nice shoes...*weeps* longingly...

So nice...!!! Nyonya Beaded Slippers

I tried some on...very so colorful!

A pattern being commissioned by a customer for the sifu to sew. The shoes must be ready by 22 February and the sifu told me he'd have to work through Chinese New Year to finish them.

Sifu at Work...

Nice horr....but not cheap. It depends on beads type and patterns. A pair of shoes starts at RM200 onwards...

Next on, we saw many little shops selling pineapple tarts and pastries. All were freshly baked on the spot. I didn't buy any as I have pre-ordered some yummy Eurasian Pineapple Tarts from Elissa's mum. My Hunny looked afraid when he saw me eyeing the tarts as I guess he was remembering the mountains of tarts the last time we were in Malacca...

They may look nice but if they used Margerine as the pastry base, then I won't like it at all...I prefer my pastry base made from butter...100% pure butter please. As for the jam, I liked them spiced with cinnamon, star anise or cardamons.

This is from a nyonya kuih stall that we walked past. Seeing the blue-ness is very appetizing especially when they are not made from artificial colouring but from a flower called "Bunga Telang". This kuih is usually eaten with a dollop of coarse egg kaya. Yummy! I didn't buy any as the weather was really hot and I was afraid the kuih will go off before it reach our mouths.

Hence, these were the stuff that I wanted to buy but did not buy. I was such a good girl yesterday :)