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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bunny Makes Oven Dried Tomatoes - part 2

My 2nd attempt at making oven dried tomatoes took longer than expected. My 1st time here took 5 hours...whilst this round took me almost 9 hours simply because I forgot to de-seed the tomatoes..grrrr...

Local Roma Tomatoes at RM1.99 for 4pcs from Jaya Jusco 1 Utama that has been cut into wedges and some in slices but I forgot to de-seed the wedges! There is approximately 1.5kgs here

The ingredients to marinate the tomatoes. Please REMEMBER to de-seed them first!

Lay them in a single layer on lined baking pans...dash some more olive oil over them....

Place them in pre-heated oven of 200 degrees Fahrenheight

After 3 hours, they begin to shrivel up...look my sliced ones are almost I know that slices take shorter time to dry...

The slices were done after 4 hours but the wedges took 8 hours!

U can be hardwork and start peeling the skin off the wedges whilst they are still warm or be lazy like me and just left them be. Peeling the skin off does taste better as the tomatoes will be easier to eat and more juicy...whereas I leave them on just to increase more fibre in my diet... After the slices and wedges have cooled down, fill them up in glass jars. Make sure your glass jars are clean and dry. This round yielded close to 900 grams of dried tomatoes.

Once filled up, you can pour in any oil you wish to preserve the tomatoes. You can leave them as they are if you want but u will have to store them in ziplock bags in the freezer. Do not leave them in room temperature in Malaysia as there are no preservatives added to the tomatoes and they will grow mouldy as our weather is hot and humid. I used the rest of my extra virgin olive oil to soak these tomatoes in. You can leave the jars in room temperature BUT you must REMEMBER to use clean utensils to scoop the tomatoes or oil out each time to avoid contamination.

As I made so much this round, I am forecasting that these will last me till May. Hope you will try making these yummy beauties on your own. At least now I don't have to pay RM12.90 to RM15.90 per 100 grams outside to get my fix.

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