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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bunny Visits Cave Temple in Tambun, Perak

After breakfast and we didn't really had a place to go, Chow invited us to tag along with him to a cave temple on a hill in Tambun. Hunny was really skeptical when Chow said the temple wasn't really high up on the hill and that it was a short climb. Hunny saw that I really wanted to go and gave in and we followed Chow to Tambun.

We saw the temple from afar and we went "Oh My Goodness" as it was located quite high up. No pictures as we were in the car driving. We arrived there but found it desserted and we thought it was closed. Luckily the caretaker came out then and opened the gates for us to go in. Hunny grilled the caretaker on the temple's history and we found out that the temple was built by devoutees just after World War 2. Back in those days where materials and equipment was scarce, the temple was built bit by bit and looked after by the caretakers till today.

Magnificent, isn't it?

There were several little praying huts each housing a different deity along the way up. There were millions of ants on the ground and railings and luckily they were black ants and not fiery red ants.

I like this view, the sky was so clear and blue...

As we climbed up the 139 steps, I was already huffing and puffing due to lack of exercise, Chow gaily skipped his way up like a little lamb.

The view up at the peak was breath taking. The fragipanies were blooming at the tips of the trees.

 A nice bright red flower

As we climbed down, another view of the temple.

After the climb down, Chow told us that he was interested in looking for historical sites of where Malaysians lived in caves or on the cave ledge and built rafters to call it home. We walked a bit further down to a Tibetian retreat and saw an example there. Chow said it would  have been better without the huge banner there but as it was private land, there was nothing much we could do.

I was glad we made this trip there or else I would have nothing to photograph but food as Hunny was not so adventurous and he didn't know where we can go.



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