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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bunny Eats at Din Tai Fung

This marks my 1st time eating at Din Tai Fung Restaurant located on LG of Gardens Shopping Center. Usually, there is a long queue of people wanting to go and eat there but when Hunny and I reached there, it was still relatively early and the crowd has not build up yet.

Din Tai Fung has an impressive history as it originates from Taiwan and have branches in China, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and the USA. They are most famous for their steamed pork dumplings with soup or "xiaoloongbao".

1. The table setting

2. The condiments. I found the vinegar too strong for our liking. Hunny said the vinegar is good quality.

3. Hunny's nose which is like a sniffer dog smelt the century eggs at the entrance of the restaurant and insisted that we order it. It was a good choice. At only RM3.80 or RM3.90, the century egg tasted scrumptious! The wedges were served with a slice of pickled ginger to cleanse the palate and counteract the coolness of the century egg wedges.

4. The whites (or should I say ambers) were jelly like and the centers were oh so creamy! These were so so delicious!!

The Xiao Loong Baos came next. We went for a combi of 6pcs original and 6 pcs pork and vegetables. I like the fact that they used cloth as the base instead of some other places using cabbage or paper of which both do not provide as good ventilation to cook as the cloth one. RM18.90 for 12 pieces

5. The Xiao Loong Baos taste was ok. The skin was just right and it didn't break and waste the precious soup inside when I picked it up while it was still hot. The filling is more natural tasting and not as salty as the other restaurants such as Dragon-i and Jade Crystal Kitchen.

6. The Vegetable and Pork ones tasted a little strange as I couldn't taste what vegetable they used as they were too finely minced up.

7. Our first choice of mango shrimps was not prepared yet and we settled for Prawns coated in Salted Egg. When it came, it looked really strange but tasted good. If only I had a bowl of rice to eat with the prawns. The prawns were big, fresh, crisp yet juicy. RM34 (the most expensive dish and cost us half the bill)

8. Here's a closeup...

All in all (plus drinks and 1 shrimp wanton la mien) cost us close to RM80 which I would say is very pricy and luxurious just for brunch.

I would go back there just for the century eggs...yumyum...!



At January 4, 2010 at 6:08 PM , Blogger SpiderMon said...

SB, love your post and pictures! Do you post process them? they're so vibrant, contrasty and lovely! Keep them coming. And of course love the fooodie pix too! *Hungry*

At January 7, 2010 at 10:39 AM , Blogger SoftBunny said...

SpiderMon : i just do basic processing like adjust light, saturation and sharpen a lil more...i don;t know how to use Photoshop

yes..yes..continue seeing lah...i got time to blog again in January..


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