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Monday, November 16, 2009

Gao Ren Guan, ss15 Subang Jaya

Yesterday was an uneventful day as I was supposed to meet up for dessert tasting at Rui's Patisserie Artisanal Cafe in Mt. Kiara only to find out that they don't open on Sundays. I was still hankering for a good slice carrot cake and I made Hunny drive to Bon Bon Cafe only to find out that they were closed too! Not willing to give up, Hunny drove me to ss15, Subang Jaya to find my favourite cake cafe, A Taste Boutique, and guess what? They were closed too! By that time, can see thunder clouds misting over Hunny's face and I quickly suggested a place for lunch.

That's when we ended up in Gao Ren Guan. Hunny suggested we try this place a few times but I always resisted as I remembered them to be a pricy establishment serving home cooked food.

We ordered 3 small dishes and rice plus drinks.

Our 1st dish was snake beans fried with roast pork. It looked glisteningly oily but it turned out to be starch sauce. The taste was average.

Next up was the hot and sour vege. The sauce was a little starchy but it packed a punch of sourness and underlying spiciness. Hunny enjoyed this dish greatly as he ordered another bowl of rice. The Kale vege was stewed till tender and no hint of bitterness at all.

My vegies...must make sure I eat enough...

Then the best dish came...Nam Yue Pork Belly (Fermented beancurd marinated pork belly)! Very yummy!

The Nam Yue was not overpowering the meat taste...the meat was encased with fats (not too much or too little) and it provided the best tasting pork ever...My Favourite! Even after it's cold, it was still crisp on the outside. Thumbs Up! delectable!

It was RM51.90 for these 3 small dishes plus 3 rice plus 2 drinks and 1 rice dumpling for Hunny. The Rice Dumpling alone cost RM8! I will have to ask Hunny later how it tasted. This is a place I'd come back with my family. I won't be surprise if this restaurant is full during peak dining hours.



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