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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bunny Learns at Jetfynn's Studio in Ipoh

Wasabi and Vixen wanted their passport photos taken for member and student card purposes and off we trotted to Jetfynn's Studio. Jetfynn is our acquaintance through the local photography forum shutterasia. We normally chat online but most of our friends have never met Jetfynn in real life before.

Jetfynn is currently lecturing at a college in Ipoh on top of his job as a full time photographer. He was kind enough to invite all of us into his studio for an inpromptu lesson in studio photography. He is also very professional in taking all photos as he is not those run of mill photographers who do not take decent photos. Jetfynn always captures poses at its best. Here's some of my shots.

Here is Wasabi posing...

Jetfynn is really an excellent photographer and his rates are affordable. Many couples and families look for him to take their photographs and he is very patient and motivational. Do give him a call if you are interested in getting any event photography done.

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