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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bunny Eats at Onn Kei, Ipoh

Hunny brought Bunny down to Ipoh for a brief getaway in early September. We only arrived at night as I had to work on that day. As I have not eaten any of Ipoh's Chicken Rice / Hor Fun, Hunny brought me to Onn Kei (located at the corner diagonally across from the famous Lou Wong and no air cond restaurant).

We both had hor fun. The smooth flat rice noodles with just the right bite to it. KL cannot find these quality noodles. Hunny had soup version whereas I had dried version.

We had chicken for 2 person serving. The chicken was not fantastic as the meat was not as smooth as a Hainanese chicken should be. I miss my ss4 chicken rice...*weeps* fat the beansprout...that's another thing you cannot find in KL...I was so surprised that there was no raw bean taste to the sprouts! The KL ones are long and skinny and had that yucky bean-ish taste to it. The ones here were sweet, fresh n crunchy. Yummy! No wonder my friend, Phoebe, refuses to eat beansprouts unless she is in Ipoh.

Wow...this one was yummy...chicken spare parts! My 1st time eating chicken intestines. I normally have the rubbery gizzard and the powdery liver. The intestines were slightly rubbery yet so tender...yummy!
I can't really remember how much this cost but I think it's around RM17 for 2 of us plus two cha suet (iced chinese tea).
My next visit to Ipoh, I wanna try the daytime chicken rice at the shop lots behind Loke Wee Koi. Their Gai Geok Pao (Chicken Feet Skin stuffed with liver and gizzard) tasted fantastic!

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