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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny eats takeaway durians @ ss2 Durians Stall

I had a craving for durians over the weekend and told my Hunny that I wanted some. I wanted to opt for just the cheap normal durians from the kampung (villages) but my Hunny wanted to introduce me to gourmet durians instead. So we had a light dinner at Restoran Busy Corner and went off in search of gourmet durians in ss2, Petaling Jaya. There were a few stalls there offering both gourmet and kampung durians. The kampung durians were sold via buffet RM9.90 eat-all-u-can promotion.

This is one of the oldest and famous durian stalls in ss2. They even have a website!

This is their ala-carte menu. Hunny wanted to order the most expensive durian on the list which is the Raja Kunyit (Mao San Wong in Cantonese) at RM22/kg for me whereby the durian flesh is really rich and creamy and sweet. Hunny wanted a bittersweet variety for himself and was recommended the San Chuk Variety at RM13/kg.

This is my Raja Kunyit durian which the stall helper picked out for me. Do not be deceived by the small size of this beauty. It weighs at 1.4kg and was priced at RM35!!! Pretty steep for a durian but Hunny said it's normal. This durian sells out fast irregardless of its hefty price tag. There were only about 4 to 5 Raja Kunyit durians left when we were there at 7.30pm.

Fu-Yoh!!! The stall helper split the durian a little and look at its flesh!!! Such a rich golden color and chockful of flesh encased within!!!

This is the stall helper opening my Hunny's San Chuk durian. Its flesh is pale white and it will taste initially bitter and ends on a creamy sweet note. RM15 for Hunny's durian.

Now, it's my durian's turn! So much flesh encased in the durian husks. The stall helper guaranteed that each seed will be shrunken indicating it as a premium durian. A premium durian will have really sharp thorns, thin skin husks with plenty of flesh encased inside and shrunken seeds. If you don't know what is shrunken seeds, do scroll down to see what I mean.

The stall helper still extracting the yummylicious durian into the plastic container....

The last bits of the Raja Kunyit durian being put in the plastic container....

That's it! Sealing my RM35 container of durian.

Here are what I mean by shrunken seeds. Each seed instead of being round and flat and shrunken denoting more flesh than seed. The common varieties are usually lesser flesh and big round seeds. I had 5 pieces and Hunny had 1 piece of my Raja Kunyit Durian. Altogether, there were about 18 pieces in that small Raja Kunyit durian.
Here are the details on how to get to the durian stall. Do pay them a visit. You will get quality durians at reasonable prices there. We were told by the stall helper that durians in July will be even better as we had a long drought in month of May. This will make the durians drier and more concentrated in flavour.

P/S : Hunny and I will be returning for more durians next weekend....yummy and addictive but Hunny requested me to go for a cheaper durian variety this round. Hence, I would like to try the Udang Merah variety then.



At July 10, 2009 at 1:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...



At July 14, 2009 at 12:13 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can i have one???? I love D24.

By Heidi

At November 19, 2009 at 4:22 PM , Anonymous malaysia classifieds said...

Let me relate an experience here. I brought 2 durian sifu a.k.a. raja durian eaters. we all got fed up with eating those RM10 offer. Take our advice, eat the quality ones.

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At March 4, 2010 at 2:24 AM , Blogger mel said...

i hope it's ok that i used one of the durian pics for my blog.

let me know if not!!!

cheers from germany!

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