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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bunny eats @ Section 17, PJ

Hunny brought Bunny here to eat on the early stages of dating. It's the row of shops opposite Diethlem and Jaya One. This restaurant is a chinese restaurant with loads of diners. Sorry but I don't have the name...just know how to get there.

We normally have their "harm yue fah lam bo" (salted fish pork belly slices claypot) followed by 1 greens and tonight we decided to order "seong thong lala" (clams steamed in superior stock). It was a wise decision. Everything was absolutely fresh!!!

The yummy big and fresh...sorry abt the half eaten serving platter...dug in before taking pics...very fresh and yummy...RM10 only.

The fresh HK Kailan was nice and crisp...RM8

The pork belly claypot (RM10) that night was average as there wasn't enough salted fish in it. Usually it has more salted fish taste to make it very nice to go with white bill was RM32 plus 3 rice and 2 chinese teas. This place is one of our regular dining places.



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