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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bunny eats at B & Best Restaurant

When my friend, Alvin, came from Melbourne for a visit, his friends took us to this awesome restaurant in ss4 to have fish noodles. This was my first time eating here although I live quite near to it. Alvin's friend took the liberty to order for all of us as we weren't familiar which fish to choose from.

This is how my bowl of noodles looked like...really clear sweet broth with delicious slices of fish in it (a mixture of 2 different fishes).

A close up view of the ingredients

The yummy piece of fish. I don't have it's english name...can someone help id the fish cantonese, it called "Loong Dan Yue". I love it! The flesh was smooth, firm and sweet and best of all the gelatinuous bit between the flesh and the skin....delicious!!!

We had drinks, fried fish cakes and fishballs on the side and all of us paid RM24 per pax. There were 9 of of us. Not a cheap place to go often for people with incomes like mine but was a pleasant place to eat.

There was a feature by another blogger that was published in The Star newspapers.

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At May 15, 2009 at 12:21 PM , Anonymous Alvin TAN said...

Long Dan is "deep sea grouper" or garoupa. It looks something like this:

and it is huge. Mid to high end price for this type of fish so the price you guys paid is not surprising.


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