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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown..Extra Sweet Bowl of Chicken Hor Fun

We went back to Chemor to put our luggages and greet Hunny's Family. We had a short rest and drove back out to Ipoh for lunch. We reached at about 2pm which was late by Ipoh standards for lunch. We reached Kong Heng Restaurant and it was so fully packed as many people were back for ching ming prayers too.

Our usual pork satay had already sold out and we placed our orders for the chicken hor fun. We waited closed to 30 mins and we were getting worried as there were many people placing their orders and there was only 2.5 chickens left. After a while, the chickens disappeared and they started to turn ppl away. We were so lucky as we managed to be in the last 10 countdown bowls of chicken hor fun.

The soup was rather murky as we were drinking the yummy goodness from the last dregs ofv the pot...all the goodness of the stock was down there and the soup was so sweet and delicious. The hor fun (flat rice noodles) were delightfully smooth and silky soft....yummy! The chicken pieces although were not plentiful but were smooth as we had the meat from the drumsticks.

Delicious! Next day we went back earlier but they were so so packed! Hence, we ended up at the 3rd best rated restaurant in Ipoh instead.

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