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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bunny eats Cupcakes from A Taste Boutique, Subang Parade

Bunny went shopping last Saturday at Subang Parade. I have not stepped in there for a few years already...last time I was there was for Market visit when I was still working under the "sloggi" brand.

After coming out from a boutique, I came across a lil flea market inspired stall selling 2 cupcakes for RM5.00. In my previous experience, 2 for RM5 comes as cheap for me. Afraid to be disappointed, I bought only 2 flavors to try - Orange and Carrot Walnut. They also have a website called which I read about sometime ago but their actual Bistro is actually located in Putra Heights, Subang Jaya which is way out of my radar as I don't drive. Picture blur because used my mobile phone.

The cute factor was that they were innovative enough to provide handles for the cupcake boxes to save on the environment from using plastic bags to carry the boxes.

Upon reaching home and tasting them, I regretted not buying more to eat. They were delicious!!!! Hunny had the orange which I didn't get to taste whereas I had the Carrot Walnut. One word of advise is to let the cakes sit for at least 5 mins before eating them as the flavors are better enjoyed that way. The carrot walnut cake was not too sweet, the topping was a delightful lemon cream cheese layer, the walnuts were roasted and gave the best fragrance to the cake and everything just complemented each other.

Carrot Walnut Cupcake

Orange Cupcake

I wonder when can I convince Hunny to go back to Subang Parade again or drive to their Bistro to try out their other cakes...kekekeke...

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