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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bunny eats at Clear Noodles Soup at Sg. Way

Yesterday, Hunny brought Bunny to Sg. Way for cheap eats. We went in at the Mercedes Benz's entrance to Sg. Way and turned right immediately after that. As you drive past, there are a few hawker stalls on your left and that's where we went. The place might not be the cleanest but the food's really wholesome and cheap.

This is my fishball hor-fun and yellow noodles mix in small sized. It came steaming hot in a not too oily anchovies rich stock with pieces of lean pork, 4 fishballs and 1 taufu-pok stuffed with fish paste. was steaming hot when it was served to me.

Hunny had 3 pieces of fish paste stuffed bean curd products with a serving of large hor-fun yellow noodles. No pictures because Hunny dug in already.

The total amount for this filling meal was only RM7.90 plus 1 cup of iced chinese tea. Best of all, no tummyache!!!!

Photos taken with my SE C902 phone.



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