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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Breakfast at KL Sentral

This is a backdated post on a charming cafe located at the Putra LRT side of KL Sentral called Panetonne Cafe that serves good for value western breakfasts (if compared with MC D's) that I went in Dec last year. A main plus coffee or tea will only set me back RM5.50 and it's always packed in the morning.

1. Here's my most favorite set. I can't remember the name but it comes with a set of soft boiled eggs. I don't really fancy the spread they use here but I think in future when I eat there, I'll request them not to put the spread on.

2. I didn't really enjoy the scrambled eggs as I found them not as satisfying as the 2 soft boiled eggs set.

To me, this is indeed a healthy start to the day as it is a balanced meal of carbos, protein, fiber and vitamins.

Location : KL Sentral
Price for above sets : RM5.50 per set

Photos taken with my SE C902 Mobile Phone.



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