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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hi-Tea at Le Meridien Hotel

Last Dec, Winnie and the girls decided (including myself) decided to meet up for Hi-Tea at Le-Meridien as Winnie was holding the Starwood Privileged Card. It turns out that the Hi-Tea isn't covered by the Starwood Card. We met up at the Conservatory of Le-Meridien and we were given 2 choices ... "This" and "That" that offered dainty bite-sized pieces of various selections.

1. I chose "That" Set.

2. This is how my set looked like...

3. The Top Tier of Savouries

4. The bottom tier of Sweets

5. The Green Tea Soba ... ok tasting

6. The strange tasting salty jelly

7. The sauce reminded me of otak otak

8. The Beef cheeks were very tender

9. Clotted Cream, Jams and Butter for the scones. No pictures of the scones as my pictures didn't turn out nice

10. Red Bean and Green Tea Combination was really weird...I didn't like it...

11. Bakhlava

12. This was like a swiss roll with a jammy center and rolled in cereal flakes

13. Chocolate Tart with Jam topping and creamy base

14. Cheesecake

Overall, I didn't enjoy eating here as I prefer a buffet and if I have to eat something like this, I will prefer Carcosa's English Hi-Tea Set as it's much tastier, not so complex and the environment befits the occassion. Luckily the gang of gals made up for the disappointing food. We had a blast talking about girly stuff.

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