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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fried Wantons, Anyone??

This must be the highlight food of my last trip to Ipoh during XMAS long weekend last year...

We ate at Hoong Tho Restaurant and it's one of the old school long lasting restaurants in Ipoh located near the original Kopitiam shop.

1. The delicious pork filled deep fried wantons...its skin was light and crunchy and yet not oily...

2. The other plate filled with fish paste was my favourite too...

3. See the fish paste...fresh and springy enclosed in a light crunchy skin....the mixtures of feelings makes it so heavenly...

4. We also had their CNY specialty which was the claypot waxed meats rice...not bad but I would prefer it wetter with a bit more sauce.

Don't go for the soup dumplings as the dumplings are deep fried first and then served in soup... I didn't like the soggy dumplings.

Do go try it out! Yummy dumplings!!!



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