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Sunday, November 16, 2008

My New Toy

Look what I found in my company's store room lying amidst dusty Eveready Scout Light!!! It is such a cool torchlight! It was discontinued almost 10 years ago due to lack of ppl buying it but it is so so functionable!

This is it with a belt clip....

It has morse code printed on 1 side...

It can function as a normal torchlight...

You can pull it up to reveal a brighter light

There is one more function that I didn't snap a photo....its mirror function which can be pulled up after the light above looks like this....for emergency purposes...for example...checking if your makeup has melted (just kidding)...the mirror function is used as a way to communicate by flashing it against the light.

This is indeed a nifty torch light to have whilst camping. Too bad it didn't come with a compass in it as well though...



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