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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dim Sum in Oriental Pavilion, Jaya 33

One Sunday, Hunny wanted to go Digital we decided to have Dimsum at Oriental Pavilion at Jaya 33. The service there were attentive and good but Hunny and I prefer the dimsum at Happy Garden which I blogged about in here...

1. Chicken Feet...We felt that there was something missing...and it was the salted black beans taste..there weren't any in it...

2. Har Gou (prawn dumpling)...the skin was thin and the prawns were crunchy but no prawn's as if it's been frozen and lost its prawny taste

3. Forgot what dumpling this was but it tasted good

4. I didn't like the egg was dainty but its pastry wasn't flaky enough and the custard was clumpy and liquid-like...I prefer Tong Kee egg tarts!!!

5. Mushroom Siu Mai (there were bits of mushroom encased with the minced pork filling)

6. Char Siu Bao ...didn't like it as the bun sticks to the roof of the mouth and the filling inside was pathetic

7. Fishballs...ok only

There were also a plate of roast pork belly but the pictures didn't turn out nice. One word of advice is to let the roast pork rest so that it cools down and form its crunchy skin and melty fatty layer. I didn't wait and ate it n found it so-so only but then after a while i ate the next piece, it was heavenly but my grouse was that it was not salted enough.

This breakfast was pricey too...we paid RM60 for this! We won't be returning so soon for dimsum at this place.

Overall, I prefer the dimsum at Happy Garden. Tasty and good for value.

p/s : Hunny took the photos using my camera...

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