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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nambawan Again!

Hunny and I came back to Nambawan again but this time we invited Shujin and Food-Cookies along. When we got there at noon, the owner told us that Roast Pork Belly will only be ready at 12.30pm which was fine with us. As Shujin and Food-Cookies were running late, Hunny and I ordered a serving of Swedish Meatballs in Gravalax Sauce with Roast Potatoes and Salad to munch on while waiting for them.

According to the chef, the original Swedish Meatballs are a mixture of beef and pork minced meat unlike the IKEA ones which are all beef because of the halal issue. The meatballs were nice as it had a "bite" to it and you could taste the meat texture as it was chopped finely by hand instead of processed in a mixer. There are also a mixture of herbs in to make these meatballs more tasty and aromatic. This portion cost RM8.90.

Below photos (those without text in the photos are taken by my hunny)

After finishing that plate, Hunny invited other friends who lived nearby along to discuss some business and enjoy some more food. We ordered 2 portions of Roast Pork Belly, 1 charbroiled Pork Chop and 1 Cod Fish with Bacon Sauce.

Photo by Hunny

My pork chop came and the first bite, it was really juicy and not overcooked. As I bite and chew, the meat juices squirt out making it a really tasty meal. RM12.90 for this.

Hunny's roast pork was also as yummy as last week but a bit more fatty. RM13.90 per serving.

Pictures by Hunny

Shujin and food-cookies came and they ordered Roasted Pork Belly and the Homemade Pork Burger. Food-Cookies complained that her pork skin wasn't nice and it stuck on her teeth. We then told her to leave some skin aside for it to rest and continue with her meal. You will have to wait at about 10 minutes to enjoy crispy pork crackling as the fats on the freshly roasted skin needs to settle in to create that crispiness. You can either wait or eat the meat first and leave the skin till later to enjoy. Later on. she tasted the skin that has rested and to her delight, the skin was really crunchy and she enjoyed it.

Suddenly as we were finishing, we met 2 Shutterasian members who came to try the food after reading my blog. They too ordered the pork burger and roast pork belly and enjoyed it thoroughly. They were also satisfied at the cheap prices. They said it was cheap, nice and delicious. DT, I must say, looked very satisfied at the roast pork belly and judging from his look, he'll be back there for more. J also enjoyed her Pork Burger too.

Before I forget, you will have to tell the wait staff or the chef that you want your meats slightly undercooked as they normally do well done meats for their customers as most don't like pinkish meats.

The boss recommended us to try their Hainanese Tea and it tasted nice and smooth and not too sweet. It would have been better if Malaysia sold back condensed milk instead of sweetened creamer. Our bill came up to RM75.00:-

1. 2 servings of Roast Pork Belly
2. 1 Pork Chop
3. 1 serving meatballs
4. 1 Pork Burger
5. 1 Lemonades (freshly squeezed),
6. 2 Iced Lemon Teas
7. 1 freshly extracted Watermelon juice
8. 1 hot tea.

RM75.00 for 4 people with all those food and drinks!!! Really worth it! Do pay this restaurant a visit. Very Yummy!!!

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At February 25, 2009 at 1:48 PM , Blogger Food Promotions said...

Delicious food and i would say its reasonable priced as well. The meat balls really looks yummy.

At May 21, 2009 at 7:38 PM , Anonymous Darris Dell. said...

It's just nearby my house, by walking...5 minutes i could reach.

Tried before, great indeed.


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