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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bunny eats in Sg Buloh

One evening, Hunny and I were at a loss what we wanted to eat for dinner. So Hunny suggested to drive into Sungai Buloh Village to see what is there to eat. I have never been to Sg. Buloh except to its many orchards and I eagerly agreed.

We went and I saw that it was still a village styled area with many many foreigners living in there due to the many factories in its surroundings. There were many restaurants and we passed by the famous Poon Choy (a meal whereby various meats, seafood, veges and other delicacies are arranged in a pot and later on mixed together and eaten by groups of families and friends) Restaurant. We drove around not knowing where to eat. There were restaurants filled brim with people eating and restaurants that were kind of empty. In the end, we also passed the restaurant that sells dimsum at nights only and came to a restaurant that was filled with people eating but not too many that it was overflowing.

We ordered the Pai Guat Wong (Golden Pork Spare Ribs) and the Butter Fried Prawns and the waitstaff recommended the Choy Sum with Pork Belly meat (Choy Sum = green leafy vege).

We were expecting dainty pieces of meat fried with the vege but we were so wrong...!!! Our jaws literally dropped when we were served these instead. My god! the portion was so generous that it could have been our one and only dish of the night if we had known earlier.

The spare ribs came our minds were registering "meat overload! meat overload!". It was too late to cancel our orders...The meat was tender and well marinated.

Our Butter Prawns came last and the portion was also generous with about 12 medium sized prawns. The prawns were fresh as we could still taste its sweetness.

We struggled to finish it but in the end, we ended up taking away the prawns and spare ribs as the choy sum dish really floored us. This assortment of dishes could have easily fed 4 people. While eating there, I noticed 2 tables having seafood soup and fish paste soup with rice only. It seems that the seafood soup and fish paste soup is one of the specialties there. Perhaps, next time Hunny and I will try that instead.

I can't remember the name of restaurant as I didn't bring my camera out that evening but it's a couple of shoplots down from the Sg Buloh Dimsum restaurant. All photos were taken by my SE C902 phone camera. The total meal plus 2 chinese teas cost us RM37.00. Good Value for the portions and freshness of dishes served.



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