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Monday, March 9, 2009

Bunny eats at Chao Yen Part 2

As Hunny and I were not too hungry and it was after 2pm made us pay a 2nd visit to Chao Yen Restaurant at 1U's new wing last weekend. It was packed! We saw many older generation people there enjoying the food. The waitresses and manager were all wearing "No MSG" badges and it was true enough that they didn't use any as I didn't feel thirsty at all after that meal.

We both shared a bowl of seafood porridge and a platter of smoked pig ear slices.

Yummy gelatinous succulent cartilage. This plate cost us RM10. It was so so so delicious!!!

The Seafood Porridge (RM19.90) came and the sight wow-ed us. However, Hunny preferred the Dried Scallops and Pork Meatballs porridge that I had on the previous visit although the stock was really sweet but somehow the seafood didn't have that sweet taste of seafood although the flesh was firm and fresh. It was as though the taste of the seafood melted into the porridge's soup stock..

All these plus 1 herbal tea and 1 100 Plus set us back around RM45.00.



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