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Monday, March 16, 2009

Bunny goes shopping at Subang Parade

I am taking a short break from food blogging to blog about how I spent RM120.00 in 1.5 hour which left my Hunny shaking his head and nodding to sleep at Mc D's whilst waiting for me...He has a favourite phrase on the retailers...."Female's money very easy to make profit"

I first spent my 1st RM33.90 on a kimono dress. I finally tried it on n found that it does suit my body but have to wear a tube underneath bec it's very low cut...

Next, I spent RM14 on this bracelet...cooling when I wear...

My yummy cupcakes.... 2 for RM5.....

Then, shoes....ever since my foot accident in late Sept, I stopped wearing my 3 to 5 inches high heels due to the injuiries sustained and been wearing fake Crocs everyday and everywhere I go. Yes, I am cheap...I wear fake Crocs but they do provide me almost the same level of comfort as the real ones do. They are priced at RM16.99 a pair under the brandname Asadi in Giant but at least when they spoil, I can immediately buy a new pair~....!

I was browsing around and came across this shop called "Red Modani" in between the Sach Shop and Triumph Boutique. The shoes are decently priced and best thing is their shoes are very comfy! I was pleased as I have broad feet and the styles that I tried on didn't pinch my toes or "bite" my heels.

This is the casual wedged heels that I bought and left at my bf's place just in case we go out to nicer places. Very comfy!

This is my new work shoes with 1 inch heels....may look tacky with the clear plastic but very comfy and best of all, it has ventilation! Got holes at the sides on the plastic least my feet can breathe!!

These 2 pairs only cost me RM68.00 after discount which is a steal for its design and comfort levels offered!

No wonder my bf say women money very easy be earned by retailers. Lucky me, my bf not stingy after the last time I said he was stingy as he subsidized me on half of what I spent. To me, I say it's well worth my RM120 as it comprises of a dress, 2 cupcakes, a bracelet and 2 pairs of shoes as I know some people are willing to spend the same RM120 on 1 piece of clothing or just on accessories or 1 pair of shoes!

P/S: I will next update (when I m in the mood) how I spent RM350.00 buying 5 pairs of pants (3 long and two 3/4's) and 1 long skirt from British India!



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