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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Hakka Mee

2 weekends ago, Hunny went back to Chemor for Ching Ming Prayers and I tagged along for a makan trip and a short getaway...

We left my house at 5am and reached Ipoh at 7.30am. Our 1st stop was to eat Hakka Mee with 2 members, Chow and Jetfynn.

It was rather crowded so early in the morning at The Paris Restaurant

The Hakka Mee Stall

I ordered Barley while waiting for Jetfynn to turn up....yummy 100% real barley...

They also served bfast of toasted breads and buns with eggs...but we were there for the Hakka Mee..

Close Up pics of the buns...

Yummy Garlic mixed with vinegar sauce....Hunny told me not to kiss him if I had any... :(

Hunny knew that I was after my usual Pork Tummy Innards Soup Noodles and hence didn't allow me to eat the Hakka Mee...instead he let me eat the "liew" (the accompanients) that came with the Hakka Mee.

Hunny's Hakka Mee

The Fried Dough Balls...texture is more densed than yau char kuai or yue teow...

The yummy springy fish and meat balls

The Springy fresh fishball

The yummy pork meatball mixed with fish paste

The dried cuttlefish in this meat+fish ball made it extra tasty...

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