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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...3rd Best Chicken Hor Fun in Ipoh

Hunny and I decided to return to Kong Heng for another round of that yummy Hor Fun but unfortunately it was peak hour and we couldn't even go we ended up at Restaurant Lok Wee Koi for the 3rd best Chicken Hor Fun.

The soup was really clear and chicken meat a plentiful but it really paled in comparison to the one we had the day before as it was still fresh and not the last dregs of the soup stock. It was also yummy but not as yummy as Kong Heng's one.

Now open your mouth and enjoy each spoonful served to you....

Say "Ahhhhh....."

Say "Ahhhhh...." again...

That's right....hope you enjoyed the Chicken Hor Fun...

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