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Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Crystal Dumplings

Before Hunny and I left to eat the delightfully rich sweet tasting Chicken Hor Fun, we drove to a nearby village at Kuala Kuang, Chemor to purchase a local Hakka delicacy called Choy Parn or Crystal Vegetable Dumplings. I have eaten similar versions of this called Chai Kuih but the difference is in the fillings.

The Choy Parn from Kuala Kuang were really tasty. There were 4 varieties - Egg + Chives, Yambean (Sar Kok in Cantonese), Spring Onion + Chives and a sweet filling of crushed roasted peanuts and sugar. Hunny bought the savory ones only and I enjoyed the Egg + Chives variety ones the most. Only RM0.60 each.

Yam Bean Choy Parn

Chives + Egg Choy Parn

Peanut Choy Parn

Spring Onion Choy Parn

This is a cross section bite of the Spring Onions + Egg Filling one...

Yummy!! I missed it we went back on Sunday only to find it closed...*weeps*...

Contact details:-
No. 275, Kuala Kuang,
Tel: 05-2011812
Closed on Sundays

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