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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bunny's Langkawi Stash

Bunny went for company trip last weekend to Langkawi. It was my 1st visit there and I really enjoyed myself there. I didn't take any photos as I was feeling shy as I only just recently joined the company for about 2 weeks.

We stayed at Lanai Beach Resort which was ok but their food sucks.

Sinful stuff such as Chocolates, Ciggies, and Alcohol were so cheap there! Even the Dinning, baking, kitchenware were extremely cheap there! I was so tempted to buy a few sets of Corningware and Visions Cookware back but at 10kgs a box...I didn't as I didn't have my coolie Hunny with me.

Here's my stash worth dad's bottle of Green Label Whisky was so cheap!!! I only paid RM100 (duty free price was RM110) as my Managing Director was there and I got additional discount...kekeke...even my chocs were cheaper...

Aiyo...Cote D'Or Chocs in "mainland" Msia usually costs about RM18.90 a Langkawi they were RM9.90! So freaking cheap~ The Hersheys were RM7.50 to RM13.90 only and the Kinder Buenos were RM11.50 to RM19.90. Very very cheap compared to the after taxed prices.

I will definitely be back with my Hunny for a visit!!! Really nice place to visit...must go during low peak season bec it'll be much cheaper. :)

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