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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bunny eats Char Siu at Section 17

Hunny brought me to eat yummy charsiu at Happy Mansions (across from 6-to-10 Restaurant), Section 17 today. Luckily we reach there at 11.15am...bec after our orders were served, the crowd increased...

Hunny ordered a mixture of meats...

When the rice came, it was cooked with chicken stock...yummy...

The charsiu is the star here...roast pork belly is so-so and the roast chicken is forgettable...

It was so good that I made Hunny order another strip of char siu to eat as snack strip was RM16 for half lean half fatty... RM17 for our meal of mixed char siu, roast pork belly and chicken. Next time will just take the char siu....yummy!!!

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