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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bunny eats Satay Celup @ Malacca

Bunny went on a market visit in early June to Malacca and Johor. This is one of the restaurants that I really wanna try but each time I come here...there are always loads of people lining up to eat at this Restaurant Capitol.

Even on a Monday evening, there are people lining up although it's not as bad as weekends. We started lining up at 6.45pm and we managed to secure a table by 7.30pm. There is no sharing of tables allowed here as it's only 1 pot per table.

Satay Celup is based on steamboat style but instead of soup or porridge, we get the lovely fragrant thick gooey peanutty sauce to dip our meat, vegetables, seafood, fishballs, etc in.

This is our assortment of goodies.
The sauce in the pot has to be mixed with more ground peanuts in order to be more gooey and hearty.
The Kangkung vegetable dipped in the satay sauce was very heavenly! So so so delicious!! Then we had our favourite liver skewers, followed by my favourite prawns and each table will get some razor clams (i think it is razor clams) and tiger prawns skewers. Each stick cost RM0.70. Our bill plus drinks cost RM54.00 for the 3 of us. Yummy!!!



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