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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bunny Eats @ Busy Corner Claypot Restaurant, D'sara Jaya

Last Nite, Hunny and I went to Restoran Busy Corner for our dinner because I felt like drinking soup as it rained in the evening. This restaurant is famous for their claypot rice and is very packed during its peak hours of 7pm till 8pm. Hunny and I reached there at 6.30pm. Parking was a breeze. The restaurant is located near KDU college and is at the shoplots behind the Petronas Station. We ordered claypot rice for 1 pax and a bowl of double boiled soup for each of us.

This is their menu. We ordered claypot Prawn Hoisin Rice for 1 pax and 2 soups.

This is Hunny's hearty soup of peanuts with dried cuttlefish and chicken feet. Hunny enjoyed the soup very much as he sucked and nibbled the skin and cartillege off the chicken feet. RM4.50 for this bowl.

This is my soup. Old cucumber soup is for cooling down the body. It was delicious as it wasn't oily at all. RM4.50 for this bowl.

Our Prawn Hoisin Sauce claypot came. Luckily, we ordered for 1 person as it was rather huge and if we ordered for 2, we may not have had room for our special dessert later on.

The prawns were really nice...freshly crunchy and juicy. I found the hoisin sauce a bit too sweet for my liking. Next time, we should order the tomyam prawns claypot instead. RM13 for this claypot due to the many prawns they gave us.

Our bill came up to RM22.50 as Hunny also had a glass of iced chinese tea.



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