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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bunny eats at Busy Corner, D'sara Jaya again

We were hungry after our movie in Tropicana City Shopping Mall but we didn't want to eat there. We weren't sure if Busy Corner at Damansara Jaya was open as we normally go there for dinner but we still swung by there to check. We were lucky that they were open for lunch.

We ordered the Prawn Claypot Rice (RM22) for 2 person serving. See those yummy big juicy prawns!! Well worth our RM22 although we wished the prawns could be fresher.

We also ordered their steamed soup and both of us had the peanut and lotus root soup. In the afternoon, it is not as nice as dinner time's soup as we felt it has not been steamed long enough. Hunny commented that the peanuts were not soft enough whereas I felt the soup was not too sweet enough compared with the last time we drank it at night. RM4.50

Altogether, our meal cost us RM31.50 because Hunny had a cup of Iced Chinese Tea.

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