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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A visit to Sekinchan

Hunny and I joined the Shutterasia group for a visit to the paddy fields at Sekinchan. It was a straightforward journey down to Kuala Selangor. However, Hunny would never bring me down to these places as it is too far and may not be as fun as going in a group.

I have never seen or been up, close and personal with paddy fields before. We left almost an hour late due to some members overslept and when we reached Sekinchan, the sun was up high and might in full source.

The paddy fields were vast and stretched for miles. We were there a lil too early for harvesting as the fields are just turning yellow...

Some of the members taking photographs...

The farmers also grow other crops such as Noni, banana, and other fruit trees, veges such as brinjal, gourds, pumpkins, tapiocas to supplement their lifestyle and income.

As we were walking down the long straight road, I saw some beautiful pink color eggs that were clustered around. One of the members confirmed them as snail eggs. Really beautiful color, don't you agree?

My one and only shot taken with my Raynox Macro DCR-250 lens.

I think this spider just had a feast.

A beautiful water lily. I would have loved to get a closer shot but the land surrounding this lil pond was very mushy.

Next, as we were driving, we found this curious sight. At first, Hunny and I thought the trees were struck by lightning but in actual fact, the trees were deliberately set on fire as the villagers believed that the cocout trees housed some evil spirits.

This is the path leading to the haunted coconut trees patch. It was so hot that I retired back to my Hunny's car to wait in the air cond (oops...till the car overheated and the temperature bar was full and blinking).

It was nice coming here but it would have been perfect if it wasn't so hot. Next entry will be on the restaurant where we ate our cheap seafood lunch.



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