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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lunch at Kuala Selangor - Chai Lee Restaurant

We adjourned for lunch at Chai Lee Restaurant at 11.30am. The reason why our "tour guide" chose this restaurant was not because of their tasty cooking but was because of the parking space! We were a big group of 30+ members who came in 12 cars.

Our table of 9 people and their DSLRs

We ordered 7 dishes - 5 seafood + 1 Veg and 1 Tofu. We had 100 Plus to cool down and replenish our body salts before drinking iced chinese tea.

The 1st dish was Kung Po Fried Snails. Wow! The snail meat slices were huge! They tasted chewy and wasn't cooked that well as it was lacking in the wok heat taste. The dish was also oily.

Next came the tofu soup that was sta\rchy and when we added vinegar to it, it was really nice and hearty.

Then the best dish in my opinion came - The Claypot Fish Maw Stew....yummy! The fish maw was soaked and cooked nicely. It was tender with some chewiness to it. Really nice and not too salty.

The veggies came next but I was too busy tucking in. The deep fried sotong came next. It tasted good with a hint of salted egg yolk to the rings. Crunchy without too much batter.

The meat crabs came but I didn't eat much of these as I was beginning to feel full. The crabs were smaller, the shell was thin and its flesh was sweet...

Last dish came and it was mantis prawns! It was difficult to eat this as it was deep fried and the shell was stuck on its flesh. Hunny said it'd taste better if it was steamed...

My plate after lunch

We couldn't finish all the dishes as they were quite oily and we did over order...

The spreads not bad for RM20/pax though.



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