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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bunny makes a BET Sandwich

This BET (Bacon, Egg and Tomato) sandwich is so yummy and wholesome. The ingredients are simple. You will need 2 slices of bread. In this case, I used Country Herbs Bread from Cold Storage's bakery.

Firstly, drizzle some olive oil from the jar of sundried tomatoes on to the bread. Next, line the 1st layer, that is the oven dried tomatoes.

Next, fry a slice of bacon and an egg. I bought my delicious bacon from Vam. Lay the bacon on top of the tomatoes.

Next lay the sunny fried egg on top and be very careful of the runny yolk. Do cook it a lil more if you can.

Then finish off by topping the 2nd layer of bread on it and press down gently. I broke my yolk but luckily my bread soaked most of it up. It was simply scrumptious - salty, tart, sweet...!

Stay tune for my other ways of using my oven dried tomatoes :)

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