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Monday, December 28, 2009

Bunny Eats at Nam Chau Restaurant, Ipoh

Bunny was feeling off-color but in great need of a holiday. Hunny as usual so kind hearted picked Bunny up at 5.15am and off we went to Ipoh for a short getaway. We had pre-arranged with Chow (a fellow photographer) to meet up at Nam Chau Restaurant around 7.30am.

We arrived there on time. Nam Chau is famous for their dry curry noodles and is one of Ipoh's old brand names (Lo Jiu Pai) for Curry Noodles. It's just a stone's throw away from the famous Thean Chun and Kong Heng restaurants in old town.

Their noodle varieties comes as the picture shown and they are at very reasonable prices. A similar serving like this can cost about RM4.50 upwards.

Hunny and Chow ordered Dry Curry Noodles. Chow ordered a normal one and Hunny ordered the extra with Roasted Pork.

Chow's modest portion

Hunny's Extra Roasted Pork Portion

Both guys commented that the noodles were delicious.

As it was still early morning, I didn't indulge in this luxury curry noodles and opted for "Tan Chi" instead which was medium boiled eggs served on toasted bread. I love the eggs as they were tasty kampung eggs.

Hunny and I ordered water chestnut drink. They were freshly made and was very refreshing.

On Mondays till Fridays for lunch, besides noodles, Nam Chau also serves Lunch Rice Sets. According to Chow, these sets are highly popular with the locals and it's difficult to find a place to sit and enjoy this set during weekdays.

 One thing I found disconcerting about this restaurant was its payment system. You will have to pay separately to different people for the noodles, drinks and toast. Perhaps it's time for them to invest in a systematic pay program which will enable them to know how much each food and beverage system has earned per day?

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