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Monday, February 1, 2010

Homemade Wheat Bran Hot Cakes

 I was getting sick of the usual bread and sandwiches at home and embarked to make some pancakes. As I couldn't find normal flour, I had to make do with self raising flour. Normal flour is used to make pancakes, superfine flour is used to make crepes and self raising flour is used to make hotcakes.

I did this without a set recipe and everything was added due to instinct. Any basic pancake/crepe/hotcake recipe would require milk/water, eggs, butter, flour and sugar with options of fruit or choc chips. It's the amount of liquid and type of flour you use that will have the end result of whether it is a crepe, pancake or hotcake.

Simple rules to follow when making pancakes/crepes/hotcakes ala Bunny Style

1. The flour must be sifted to rid of any impurities and for lightness of the batter and to ensure no lumps.
2. The egg must be beaten/whisked till it becomes light creamy yellow
3. The butter must be melted and cooled before mixing in to the flour
4. Milk will make the hotcake/pancake/crepe taste creamier in my opinion and hence a richer comforting taste.
5. The whisked egg to be added last and mixed evenly so that the batter is light.
6. The pan must be lightly oiled each time before a new pancake batch is poured on it to ensure that nice golden brown color
7. Maintain a low medium heat

This time, I wanted a healthier option and added wheat bran to the batter. Please take note to add more liquids as the bran will absorb the liquid. Too thick a batter may result in heavy hotcakes. I also added in a tablespoon of my mum's expensive milk powder as I didn't have any milk at home and I really like a creamy tasting hotcake...

Do use absorbent paper to absorb any residual oil. I ate my hotcakes with stewed green apples with a touch of cinnamon (this was actually the filling for my apple pie) but you can do so much with serving ideas such as fresh fruit with cream, plain with maple flavored syrup or honey, and etc.

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