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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bunny eats at Winter Warmers The Curve

I was suffering from a food poisoning bug since was horrible...hugging the office toilet bowl as well as plastic bags....*shudders*...I am slightly better but I am very careful with whatever that I eat now.

I met up with Azfa and Hafzan yesterday at Winter Warmers, The Curve. Azfa and Hafzan were my classmates back in Form 2 and that was many many many years ago as we didn't see each other since Form 5! It was a great reunion. Winter Warmers has great selection of food and beverages to try!

The selections were fantastic especially for their teas as they have many varieties and the price for the portions that they served were really worth it.

I had a hot mixed fruit tea for RM9.90. It tasted a bit like medication though...I prefer their iced mixed fruit tea instead...but too bad my tummy wasn't well.

I ordered a waffle with honey and I must say that their waffle taste as nice as A&W's although it costs twice as much as A&W's. The waffle was nice and light and it was served with whipped cream, honey and strawberry jam. The waffle was RM9.90. I couldn't finish it as halfway through as my tummy was feeling queasy.

Azfa had the Mango Chicken came served with half a ripe Chokanon Mango with a grilled chicken drumstick and thigh...looked yummy but was too shy to ask if the chicken tasted nice or not...

Hafzan had the dory fish but I didn't take any pics of it bec I was too shy to ask but I will ask her later if it was nice or not.

The total bill for the Hot Mixed Fruit Tea, Iced Mixed Fruit Tea, Mango Chicken Rice, Waffle, Dory Fish Fillet came up to a reasonable RM65.00. It is definitely a place to return to and it's so much cheaper to drink there than Starbucks! RM9.90 for a pot of Iced Mixed Fruit Tea is really worth it!!!

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Bunny eats at Brother In Law's Place

My Nephew is back from Australia on semester break and we welcomed him home by having dinner at his house. My BIL (Bro In Law) is a great cook and an enterprising lawyer. We had yummy melt in the mouth stewed pork belly, vegies, chicken, home made steamed buns (mantao) and last but not least, my eldest sis made choc cake.

Here's my plate...veges to balance out the fattiness of the pork belly and a portion of soft chewy mantao...

A close-up of the delicious stewed belly...

My sis's choc cake with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, a spoonful of yummy Bailey's Irish Cream Liquor and a spoonful of choc sauce made from marshmallows and mars bars...sinfully delicious...

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Bunny eats Steamed Fish Head at USJ Factory Area..

Last weekend, my sis was back from Penang and my parents were back in hometown for Ching Ming prayers. My sis took me to eat Steamed Fish Head at USJ in the USJ factory area.

The restaurant increased in size since we last came. Last time we were there, it was only 1 factory they take up 2 lots and there were loads of families coming in for dinner.

We ordered a steamed fish head for 2 pax and 1 romaine lettuce stir fried with garlic. I ordered an iced herbal tea and my sis ordered a coke.

Wow!!! The fish head was really big and covered in yummy ginger sauce...

The veges came steaming hot but not as crisp fresh as I wanted it to be...

My plate of small rice and some yummy healthy fish...

With the greatest difficulties, we managed to clear off the dishes.

Here are some bones...freshwater fish do have many bones...

My Bones

My sister's bones

I think the bill came to below RM35 for this as I wasn't there when my sis paid the bill.

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...3rd Best Chicken Hor Fun in Ipoh

Hunny and I decided to return to Kong Heng for another round of that yummy Hor Fun but unfortunately it was peak hour and we couldn't even go we ended up at Restaurant Lok Wee Koi for the 3rd best Chicken Hor Fun.

The soup was really clear and chicken meat a plentiful but it really paled in comparison to the one we had the day before as it was still fresh and not the last dregs of the soup stock. It was also yummy but not as yummy as Kong Heng's one.

Now open your mouth and enjoy each spoonful served to you....

Say "Ahhhhh....."

Say "Ahhhhh...." again...

That's right....hope you enjoyed the Chicken Hor Fun...

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Dinner

Oops...I forgot where we had dinner but it's in between Chemor and Ipoh...

We ordered 3 dishes plus rice and it only set us back RM55 plus rice and drinks.

The whopping huge fish...sweet and sour deep fried Garoupa...n this portion is only 1/4 of the whole fish!

Guinness Stout Pork Ribs...abit too sweet for my liking...

Yummy Green Veges...

Oh, and we finished all with great difficulties...

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Crystal Dumplings

Before Hunny and I left to eat the delightfully rich sweet tasting Chicken Hor Fun, we drove to a nearby village at Kuala Kuang, Chemor to purchase a local Hakka delicacy called Choy Parn or Crystal Vegetable Dumplings. I have eaten similar versions of this called Chai Kuih but the difference is in the fillings.

The Choy Parn from Kuala Kuang were really tasty. There were 4 varieties - Egg + Chives, Yambean (Sar Kok in Cantonese), Spring Onion + Chives and a sweet filling of crushed roasted peanuts and sugar. Hunny bought the savory ones only and I enjoyed the Egg + Chives variety ones the most. Only RM0.60 each.

Yam Bean Choy Parn

Chives + Egg Choy Parn

Peanut Choy Parn

Spring Onion Choy Parn

This is a cross section bite of the Spring Onions + Egg Filling one...

Yummy!! I missed it we went back on Sunday only to find it closed...*weeps*...

Contact details:-
No. 275, Kuala Kuang,
Tel: 05-2011812
Closed on Sundays

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown..Extra Sweet Bowl of Chicken Hor Fun

We went back to Chemor to put our luggages and greet Hunny's Family. We had a short rest and drove back out to Ipoh for lunch. We reached at about 2pm which was late by Ipoh standards for lunch. We reached Kong Heng Restaurant and it was so fully packed as many people were back for ching ming prayers too.

Our usual pork satay had already sold out and we placed our orders for the chicken hor fun. We waited closed to 30 mins and we were getting worried as there were many people placing their orders and there was only 2.5 chickens left. After a while, the chickens disappeared and they started to turn ppl away. We were so lucky as we managed to be in the last 10 countdown bowls of chicken hor fun.

The soup was rather murky as we were drinking the yummy goodness from the last dregs ofv the pot...all the goodness of the stock was down there and the soup was so sweet and delicious. The hor fun (flat rice noodles) were delightfully smooth and silky soft....yummy! The chicken pieces although were not plentiful but were smooth as we had the meat from the drumsticks.

Delicious! Next day we went back earlier but they were so so packed! Hence, we ended up at the 3rd best rated restaurant in Ipoh instead.

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Kedai Makanan Lok Wee Koi

This is my favourite MUST-GO restaurant in Ipoh. They serve the best Pork Tummy Innards in White Pepper Lobak (white radish) soup with noodles~!

The Restaurant...

The Stall....

My Noodles....

Hunny's 2nd Round of Hor Hee Noodles...

This is also the restaurant which serves "Pang Dai Woon" which I blogged abt earlier...and is also famous for serving ice-cream soda which I have yet to try...

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A Trip Back To Hunny's Hometown...Hakka Mee

2 weekends ago, Hunny went back to Chemor for Ching Ming Prayers and I tagged along for a makan trip and a short getaway...

We left my house at 5am and reached Ipoh at 7.30am. Our 1st stop was to eat Hakka Mee with 2 members, Chow and Jetfynn.

It was rather crowded so early in the morning at The Paris Restaurant

The Hakka Mee Stall

I ordered Barley while waiting for Jetfynn to turn up....yummy 100% real barley...

They also served bfast of toasted breads and buns with eggs...but we were there for the Hakka Mee..

Close Up pics of the buns...

Yummy Garlic mixed with vinegar sauce....Hunny told me not to kiss him if I had any... :(

Hunny knew that I was after my usual Pork Tummy Innards Soup Noodles and hence didn't allow me to eat the Hakka Mee...instead he let me eat the "liew" (the accompanients) that came with the Hakka Mee.

Hunny's Hakka Mee

The Fried Dough Balls...texture is more densed than yau char kuai or yue teow...

The yummy springy fish and meat balls

The Springy fresh fishball

The yummy pork meatball mixed with fish paste

The dried cuttlefish in this meat+fish ball made it extra tasty...

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