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Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Cosplay Costumes Wish List

I have always dreamt of buying and wearing cosplay outfits but due to my chubby figure, I can't always find sizes to fit me. Cosplay costumes are an indulgence as it can prove to be an expensive hobby. My interest developed after seeing Cheesie (Ringo) from wear them in her website. As I cannot afford to go to Taiwan (that's where she purchases most of her costumes), thank god I have found a website that sells these online. I won't reveal the website till my test buy reaches me successfully as I am not sure I can trust the Msian customs and postal services to deliver me the outfits 100% complete.

My Wish List
(L Size)
1. Sailor Maid Costume - SGD260

2. Milk Maid Costume - SGD260

3. Kitten Maid Costume - SGD151

I also have plans to rent out some cosplay outfits to babes who would like to take photoshoots wearing them.

1. Sweet Maid - (Available in Pink and Black)

2. Cropped Top Maid

3. Pink Maid

4. Every guy's fantasy of a Jap School Girl Uniform

5. Bustier Maid

6. Pink Candy Maid

7. Pink Heart Maid

Oh Well...I better start saving my pennies now. Tomorrow, I will place my 1st order at work as I don't have a printer at home. Wish me luck that the outfits arrive 100% to me!!!



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