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Friday, May 16, 2008

Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Low Yatt Plaza

I suddenly had the urge to kimchi and off I hopped to this restaurant after work. This restaurant is located in LG Floor of Low Yatt Plaza and it's near the Baoz Counter and Kopitiam.

I ordered their daily specials which was Beef Bulgogi which is a beef and veggie soupy stew. There were 3 side dishes but I only wanted the kimchi white radish and kimchi cabbage ones only and I rejected the anchovies one.

The set came with the beef bulgogi served in a hot stone pot and a big bowl of rice. I also had a glass of iced green tea.

I didn't really fancy this dish as I found the beef too minced up to enjoy it properly. However, I love their kimchi cabbage as it tasted just right for my tastebuds.

The verdict is the prices are reasonable and this meal only cost me RM16.80. I will definately come back here again to try their BBQ meats when I am more richer.

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