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Sunday, May 11, 2008

World Lupus Day at 1U on 10th May 2008

I volunteered to help Freaky aka James in the World Lupus Day Event in 1U yesterday. I reached there at 8.30am and boy was it hot and stuffy in there due to no air con switched on at that time. If you are wondering what lupus is, let me give you a brief explanation of it...

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can cause severe damage to body tissues and organs. This charity event was held to increase public awareness of this incurable disease and was held in conjunction with Persatuan SLE Malaysia,, Nikon, 1 Utama Community Centre, Epson, Akitiara Corporation, Grand Prix, Pumpkin Design, EventsXpert, Tung Color Separation, Nuffnag and Frank & Francois Communications.

I spent my hours there helping up by giving away balloons, *mor-ing* ppl, passing prizes to Joyce (who was wearing this really sexy Nikon V-Neck shirt) and packing up. Thanks to Winnie, Emily and Alan for coming to help out for this event.

I didn't take much pics....but here are what I have...

1. Prizes

2. Setup

3. The winners of the "Anything Butterfly" contest are on the board....

4. Carpeting

5. Consolation Prize Winners

6. The event sponsors

7. The booth was manned by PLSE volunteers

8. The balloons!

9. Drag, OM and Joyce arranging pictures on the board....

10. The bored crowd

11. Freaky aka James entertaining the crowd...

12. Joyce posing with one of the quiz winners....



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