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Monday, April 28, 2008

Ratz & LRT Tale

This morning as I was going to lock my dog in so that she don't run out as the car reverses out of the driveway...I saw this!

I nearly had a heart gruesome...I quickly took my camera out to take a pic of this but I guess my hand was shaky due to shock...

--------------------------------------LRT Tale-----------------------------------------------

I got up the LRT and I sat in between 2 guys...1 Malay and 1 Chinese...both in their 40s I guessed...then poor bunny sat in between them and kena squished as they were 2 broad shouldered males.

I don't understand why the Chinese guy chose to sit in the middle seats when there was a corner seat available next to him! I took my paper out to read and he was reading and then he and I were scuffling for right of space to read. Suddenly, he said "Please watch your line!" while pointing out the metal pole in between our seats. I admit I was reading a bit over his line but he still had space on his left side and he could have moved his paper a bit over to his left but no....he had to utter that remark to me and fight space with me. I was feeling so pissed off already as I was being squished by a sleeping fat Malay guy next to me. I should have stood up and pointed out to him that so what I crossed over abit of my newspaper to his seat...that petty Chinese guy's shoulder was 1 to 2 inches into my seat! But I didn't as the LRT was already squished packed at that time....stupid rude old Chinese guy...and I noted that there was no wedding ring on his fingers...meaning he's not married....since he's such a petty guy! Not even a gentleman...u wanna define your space??? Drive to work then! You low tolerance petty male!!!



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