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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brunch at Mee Rebus Ramli in Ipoh

Last Weekend, I followed the Shutterasia Forum people for their 1st year anniversary party at Cinta-Alam Camp in Sungai Siput. It was a relaxing idylic getaway and it was boiling roasting hot during the afternoons. We stopped by in Ipoh to meet up with the Penang group of SA to have brunch and do some street photography. Chow from Ipoh SA met up with us to bring us around.

This was what I ordered for lunch - Mee Rebus. I didn't like the taste of it and ended up not finishing it although it was a small portion.

What is Mee Rebus? Literally, it means boiled noodles but in this case, Mee Rebus consists of Yellow Egg Noodles with a spicy slightly sweet like gravy served with condiments such as a whole boiled egg, dried tofu puff, deep fried tofu (tau kua), boiled potato cubes, spring onions, lime and spring onions. The gravy is made from curry powder, potatoes, water, salted soy beans, dried shrimps and peanuts. Hence, the taste is neither here nor there. It tastes sweet, salty and slightly sour all at the same time. Anyone here likes Mee Rebus?

Anyway, I have to prepare to go to work now. Will update more details of my trip soon.

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