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Monday, April 7, 2008

Triumph's 100 Years of Seduction Part 1

I was so busy last week with the arrival of my sister and her family. My 2nd sister married a British and resides in England now. Besides that, I was also occupied with work and my photography hobby. I went to Gasing Hill for my 1st wild macro shoot and it was really tough looking for the bugs and also shooting with a proper macro lens. After the macro shoot, I went to 1 Utama Shopping Centre to shoot the fashion show there only to have my battery die out on me 20 mins later *sigh*.

Triumph International held a Bra Exhibition at The Oval at 1 Utama's Concourse Level. It was a successful affair as they worked with 8 local designers to come out with fashionable attire in conjunction of unveiling Triumph's new brand logo. The designers were Carven Ong, Jason Yek, Bill Keith, Khoon Hooi, Richard Tsen, Justin Yap and Jimmy Lin.

I took some pictures but not alot as my hands were shaky and alot of pictures were spoiled. Here are my pictures...

The Bra Evolution. From Corsets to Modern Day Bras...

The Euro 100,000 Swaroski Crystal Bra and Panty Set - The World's most expensive Bra and Panty Set sewn with 80,000 crystals by hand...!!!

Part 2 coming up soon...



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