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Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Day I don't bring my Camera out....

On the day I don't bring my camera out, things happen to me....

Yesterday was one of those days. The elevators in my office were cranky and one by one shut down and needed maintenance. Out of the 5 elevators available, only 1 was working and it had to cater to all 20 floors of my office building's staff. You can imagine how long it'd take for that 1 and only elevator to go up and come down. After waiting 15 minutes for the elevator to come so that I could go home, my colleague told me that it'd be better to walk down than get stuck in the lift just in case it also broke down from overworking. In my mind....I was like "Waaaaaaahhhh...!!!!"... because my office was on the 12th floor. In the end, we walked down the was quite dim and eerie but we had company as people from the higher and lower floors were also doing the same. In my mind, I was thinking...aiyah....if only I had my camera...can take floor by floor numbering. Going downstairs took us about 15 minutes. I do hope the elevators are working today because I don't think I have energy to climb up to the 12th floor. It'll be sheer madness and no..I am not bringing my camera out today either.



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