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Friday, March 14, 2008

Marketing Away Day 1

I am here at The Saujana Hotel, Subang Jaya for a 2 day conference. It's my first time here...really relaxing. I think this place is also ideal for a model photo shoot...beautiful...and also serves good buffet food.

Day 1 Bfast - Nasi Lemak. The rice are fluffy separate grains with a hint of pandan fragrance. The chicken curry was slightly spicy and the potato was cooked just right. I would prefer if they used thigh meat instead of breast meat though. The sambal is sweet and spicy and adds in the kick for those who can take the heat. I really love the deep fried ikan bilis as they are the plump-ish type and adds a nice bite instead of the smaller harder more than crispy types used outside.

The Lunch Buffet is really good and tastes food for a hotel buffet standard. They have the usual spreads of the starters (Soups, Cheese Platter, Salads and Cold Meats), the main courses (western grill, italian, Asian), and desserts (traditional kuih, western cakes, fresh fruits and fresh fruits with chocolate fountain).

The cold prawns are really fresh and nice! Sweet and succulent! The cheese was nice. I love their potato salad and cold cut meats too. The lamb didn't taste like was missing its usual lamby taste but it was really tender and yummy.

I had 2nd rounds of the prawns and the potato salad. I heard from my colleagues that the pasta and skewered meats were really good too. I only had 2 rounds because I was seated in my director's table and was too shy to eat too much. Never mind, Day 2 I will eat more and talk less!!!

A closer view of these succulent yummy prawns...

Tea Break - Biscotti. Nice and not too sweet or hard or dry.

Can you guess what these are?

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