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Monday, March 10, 2008

My 1st visit to Butterfly Park

This is going to take time to load.....Plenty of pictures...!

I went to the Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park yesterday and it was my 1st time there. I have never realised that KL has such beautiful nature parks such as the Butterfly Park, Orchid Garden and KL Bird Park.

It cost my friend and I RM17 (RM4.50 per person & RM4.00 per camera) to get in. This is really cheap for the views that we were about to discover in there.

Let's look at my pictures and let them do the talking.

1. Feeding Tray for the butterflies. The hibiscus has been sprayed with a mixture of honey water (90% water + 10% water). If you wanted to and not scared of bees and other insects, you could spray yourselves with the honey water and have more insects and bugs drop by at your body more often :Þ

2. Close Up view - Really Red Hibiscus. I thought butterflies are color blind?

3. Butterflies, Where are you????

4. one corner of the enclosure, it's like a butterfly highway...

5. Wowww....These butterflies are really engrossed...I was there for 2 hours plus and they were still mating all that time and even as I left...they are still at it... So Passionate... I wished I had a Macro lense...then I could zoom even closer...

6. Brown Butterfly

7. Hungry Butterfly 1

8. Orange Butterfly

9. Bluish Black Butterfly

10. Yellow and Black Butterfly

11. Don't know if this is a Moth or Butterfly

12. Hungry Butterfly 2

13. Hungry Butterfly 3

14. Rest In Peace - Dead Butterfly being carried away by a swarm of ants

15. Dying Butterfly on the leaf...half its wings are gone

16. Another dead butterfly....

17. Before butterflies, there are caterpillars. I saw these caterpillars on my way out...the whole tree had many caterpillars on it and it was very botak (bald) bec I think they polished off all the leaves. I wonder what species of butterflies would evolve from these caterpillars. See their size difference.... My friend got a bigger caterpillar shot whereby there were red spots on its body but by then my camera battery was dying and couldn't focus properly...*sigh*...

18. Another caterpillar

19. Stairway to Heaven? So nice and green in there. Feel so relaxed!

20. A pot of greens with some withering yellowness...provides a nice contrast..

21. I thought green flowers don't exist but apparently they do now...

22. The 3 generations - The White Baby, The Dying Brownie and The Adult Greenie

23. A species of a Ginger Flower - Nice and waxy and fragrant

24. Mini Grapes?

25. A lovely Red Flower

26. A giant lizard ... looks like a house lizard but probably 3 to 4 times fatter and longer

27. The Handsome Frog Prince

28. Plenty of Pure White Rabbits with Red Red Eyes...very stinky though...

29. This Lizard is posing a "V" sign at me....

30. The Park had a Tortoise and Fresh Water Turtle Pond

31. The Fresh Water Turtle

32. 3some?? Sun Bathing together. I had to Sepia (a color mode) the Picture because my colors weren't sharp enough.

33. Fish Graveyard. So eerie......poor unloved...

34. A cropped version...I think no one feed them...they are so much smaller and skinnier than their compatriots.

35. The fatter and bigger Loved Carps in a different pond...

36. A view of the carps in a bigger pond...I warmed up the image..and added flash

37. A serene looking Fish Pond...

I need help to ID all the butterflies. Will update the names later. I felt so refreshed after this visit. So much more healthier than shopping in malls or by the streets. This is a good place to go for dating also but please go there with car...the taxis in there very cut throat!!! Parking is FREE!

I wished I had a better zoom lense when I was in there though. This is a place that I would love to go again and again.

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At March 11, 2008 at 7:15 AM , Blogger Edwyn said...

Heh, rather nice pictures though you should have at least learn their common name instead of "brown butterfly", "green butterfly", "don't know moth or butterfly" and "half dead butterfly". Great job on the pics anyway.

At March 12, 2008 at 5:45 PM , Anonymous durianberry said...

lol.. hungry butterfly! ;D

Where is this KL butterfly park? I want to go shooting (with camera) there after looking at all your beautiful pics


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