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Friday, March 7, 2008

Kiku Zakura - Part 1

Last night I had dinner at a branch of my favorite restaurant in Berjaya Times Square. The restaurant offers many value for money set. As I didn't feel like eating sushi or sashimi or tempura last night, I ordered one of the cheapest sets which was the Nabeyaki Udon with Gyoza Set.

Forgive me for the pictures being blur as I took these pictures with my Nokia 3500 Camera.

Hot Green Tea served in a Geisha inspired cup (RM3++) refillable.

Hot Green Tea with Appetizer

The Appetizer

The meddley of sauces to go with the food

Nabeyaki Udon with Gyoza Set (RM27++). The Set but I ate the Appetizer already.

This set comes with an appetizer which was chicken pieces fried with onions and bell peppers; a hot cast iron bowl (that can contain heat for longer periods of time) containing Udon (white flour Japanese noodles), loads of vegetables (carrot, leek, green onions, long cabbage, mushroom, and some vege that looks like crysanthemum leaves), some chicken slices ( I think they used thigh), a whole egg and a prawn tempura in a dashi (a type of fish stock that Japanese always use) broth.

A closer look. A complete meal that contains carbos, protein, vitamins, fiber.

I got eat my veggies for vitamins and fiber!

I also ate the chicken for protein

The Gyoza (steamed meat dumplings that are fried on the bottom side providing a light crunch to a soft top skin) with a chilli oil vinegar as a dip

Each Gyoza contains a whole prawn, minced chicken meat, chives, chopped chestnuts and bamboo shoots and tastes just right.

They made sure we had enough fruits and veggies to balance up. The set also comes with a coleslaw salad with thousand island dressing and 2 slices of sweet watermelon.

I cleared everything except for the coleslaw.


Service is really good here. My favourite branch would be the one in Mid Valley on the Cinema Floor. They have another branch in Avenue K, KL.

Total Damage done was RM34.50

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