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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last Day of FGS Lantern & Flora Fest

At 1st, I thought FGS Dong Zhen meant Fu Gwai San which is a luxury cemetary located in Nilai, Malaysia and I was wondering why would they have a Lantern and Flora Festival there in conjunction with CNY. Later on, my friends clarified it by telling me that FGS was actually an acronym for Fatt Gong San which is an area for praying and worship. FGS Dong Zhen is located in Jenjarom nearby Banting and Klang. It is approximately 90 mins drive from my house to get there.
I asked my friend to bring me there on the last day which was 23 Feb as I was curious what the place looked like. My friend and I arrived there at 5pm and it was really hot that day. Here are some pictures to enjoy...

The Highlight of the event - The Giant Revolving Lantern on a field of flowers (crysanthemums to be precise)

2D floral effect Lantern

The 3D Effect Sakura Lantern

The Cheesey Lantern as it is now Year of the Golden Rat in the Chinese Calendar

A row of lighted Lanterns

The flowers were lovely there despite the hot weather....

The Water Lily

The lovely Purple Orchid

The Dying Glory of a Crysanthemum

The abundance of flowers in the Giant Lantern Field

They had a lovely Koi Pond...

Lotsa Fishes (taken without flash)

Without Flash

Without Flash

Without Flash

And....Waaahhhh...!!! With Flash!!!!

The statues were cute this is a bunny blog, it's most appropriate to post these....

This one so cute!

There were members of FGS from young children to adults taking turns to walk around holding these signboards to warn members of the public to be careful and keep the temple grounds clean. This particular boy was trying to avoid the camera and actually begged me..."No more pictures please" as he was already very shy and probably didn't want to get teased by his friends just in case his photo came out where his friends could see him.

Suprisingly the park was clean by Msian standards but not 100% clean....

I really enjoyed my FGS Trip and am looking forward for next year's round...



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