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Friday, February 22, 2008

Triumph In Love

I went for the Triumph In Love Event on 12 Feb at Tangs, Pavilion. This was a closed door event whereby the show only started at 10pm. My photos are not really great as this was my 1st time taking photos of fast walking models....

Joanne, Inez, Ming Yam & Ena having a breather before the show.

The Show Card

The Backdrop

The Entrance / Exit of the Fashion Show. The models walked on the ground and pose on the white platforms. It sure saves a lot of money as building stages are expensive and limited movement space. Now with this method, models can cover a longer runway sequence.

The Goodie Bags. They contain a red rose, a Valentine Discount for Triumph's Valentine range, and a Tangs Voucher worth RM50 for purchases above RM250.

L - R : Hue Ping, Michelle and Stephenie (all Triumph PEs) as receptionists
Daphne in the Changing Room. Daphne was in charge of this event.

Angeline sure looks different after being styled. I thought she was one of the models

A model having a light bite before the show

The show..........some of my better looking shots

The Finale with Cheryl Samad as the host

My verdict : It's really hard to shoot walking models with my Canon G9. I am too slow but I learn fast. I will need to keep my camera focused on a special point and not to be greedy and move my camera around so that I can capture the best shots.



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