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Monday, February 18, 2008

Aquaria Visit

It was his 1st time and my 2nd time visiting Aquaria. The tickets were pricey at RM28 each (provided you have the MyKad). It proved to be a huge challenge to us using our cameras without flash in there. We had to also deal with the glass reflections as well as underwater effects in dim conditions..sigh...sigh..sigh...halfway thru I gave up and used the Scenery Mode on my camera instead of playing with the AV and TV modes of my camera.

Some pictures to share....

These lizards can change their body colors to match the background...something like chameleons.

The Green Lizard

The tortoise that reminds me of a crocodile. It even sleeps with its mouth opens like how some crodiles does. I wonder how they do it with choking...

I wonder if it's waiting for some unsuspecting fish to swim into its mouth or not..

My take of the famous fish tube aquarium. This picture is without flash...

This is taken with flash...don't ask me y it looks like this...I don't know...

It was really difficult taking pictures in here without flash. I only have this one that looks ok to me...blur...not clear...

Zebra Fish?

Different types of turtles....

I still have other non-passable photos but this is all that I will show. That concludes to my visit to Aquaria.



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