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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mum's Cooking Part 1

My dinner tonight....Yum Yum Yum

Main Course - Abacus Seeds - This is made out of boiled smashed yam with glutinous rice flour, water and oil and then shaped into abacus seeds (those lil balls on the abacus) which is then boiled. These Abacus Seeds are of the Hakka Origin. My mum then fries it with garlic, dried shrimps, chinese celery, western celery, chinese parsley, carrot shreds and meat. The Abacus seeds tonight was not up to standard as they were too chewy due to high glutinous flour content and they didn't have more yam taste. The Abacus seeds were bought from a stall at the wet market at RM3 per packet and 1 packet when added with the other ingredients can feed a family of 4- to 5 people. A small plate of these Abacus Seeds at The Curve's Ying Ker Restaurant costs RM16.90 and can only feed 1 to 2 people!

Sides 1 - Roast Pork - Home made roast pork with crispy crackling skin. The secret is that once the pork is washed with water. Then the pork is poked with a skewer to ensure crispy crackling skin. It is then marinated with 5 spice powder, salt and a lil vinegar and then hung out to dry. The slab of pork is then roasted in a high temperature oven till cooked. The roast pork must be rested for at least 1 hour before chopping.

Sides 2 - Fish Paste Dumplings (Hai Joh in Cantonese) - These dumplings are made out of fish paste (preferably from ikan kurau / swordfish), chopped water chestnuts, carrot shreds and chopped chives. Seasonings include Hsiao Shing Chinese Wine, salt and pepper. This filling is then filled in long sheets of soaked beancurd sheets like sausages with raffia strings securing each dumpling shape. Next, they are steamed till cooked. This is my mum's specialty that she will make these only once a year and about 200 dumplings at a go. The dumplings above are pan fried till a golden brown color.

Do you have any nice dishes that your mum or wife or gf or your own self that you can with me in here?

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At February 7, 2008 at 10:47 AM , Anonymous Belinda TH said...

I felt so hungry after reading your blog...why ar?? Hmn!Hmn! where is my sexy, slender, world-class figures Bunny?

At February 8, 2008 at 10:12 PM , Blogger Mor Mor Bunny said...

no more sexy slender figure for me ler...the food temptations are too much..!!! kekekekeke


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